Membership Qualification

  • Membership Qualification
    Any attorney, judge, prosecutor or law professor of the Republic of Korea (R.O.K.) or other countries, who is the R.O.K. citizen or is from Korean race
    (Article 6, Articles of Association of IAKL).
  • About Joining IAKL
    Registration for any of the past IAKL annual conferences qualifies you as a full member. If you would like to join IAKL when conference registration is not open, please contact
  • Joining IAKL Homepage
    When you join the IAKL Homepage, you are granted a partial membership (Partial Member). If you have registered for any of the past IAKL annual conferences, you are qualified to be a full member (Full Member). If you would like to gain full membership, please remember to indicate the year when you join the IAKL Homepage, or send an email to and indicate the year of your most recent conference participation.

    Use of the Conference & Seminar and Member Resource menu is granted only to Full Members.

    • Full Member - Those who have joined the homepage and past conference registration is confirmed
    • Partial Member - Those who have only joined the homepage