• Free Legal Counseling for Overseas Koreans
    When annual conferences are held overseas, IAKL provides free legal counseling to Korean residents abroad. As IAKL’s most representative pro bono activity, it makes the most of IAKL’s distinctive member composition. It is usually prepared in collaboration with the association of Korean residents or Korean resident lawyers, and provides counseling on various topics including international law (including Korean law) and immigration.
  • Legal Aid for Multicultural Families (2009)
    IAKL had the opportunity to provide English legal counseling at the Korea Legal Aid Center for Family Relations in cooperation with the Korean In-House Counsel Forum.
  • Legal Counseling & Education for Foreign Immigrants (2010)
    When the Korean labor law related to foreign immigrant workers was amended, IAKL provided on-site education and Q&A sessions for about hundred Filipino community leaders around the country, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Philippines.
  • Research on Pro Bono Activities (2013)
    In order to identify pro bono activities that IAKL can carry out on a long-term basis, with IAKL’ s unique characteristics in mind, a research was assigned to a small group of attorneys. The study was completed in February 2014, and it will be used as a reference material for future activities. IAKL’s goal is to start various new activities on a systematic and continuous basis.