세계한인변호사회(IAKL) 한국 홈페이지를 방문하신 여러분을 환영합니다!

Dear my fellow members of IAKL,

I would like to send my sincere appreciation for your support and my appointment to the office of President of IAKL Korea.

It is my honor to take the office and have the opportunity to serve as the President of this exceptional group of leading legal professionals and experts who are highly recognized in the legal fields of Korea and other countries around the world.

Considering the expertise and professional experience of IAKL members, it is my strong belief that IAKL is ready and able to serve for the world society including and beyond Korean descent communities. It is certain that IAKL has grown and accomplished achievements with outstanding outcome. Based on such experience and the knowledge we have gained from the previous accomplishments, I find that it is time for us to expand our endeavors to reach the communities around the world.

Under said belief, I would like to take this opportunity to share my initiatives as president as well as reiterate and remind ourselves of IAKL’s visions and goals.

First, it is my inclination to develop IAKL Korea as the global voice of legal professions on the critical issues of Korea which would ultimately become reliable sourse and guidance in seeking resolution of such critical issues. As being such global voice, IAKL Korea would be able to function as the open platform and gateway for the exchanging and sharing the ideas regarding those issues among the IAKL members and other local and international organizations. Such issues may range from the general legal issues to more specific or issues in other fields which may require collective efforts and cooperation of IAKL and other respectful organizations.

Another initiative which I would like to implement my efforts is developing IAKL as a well-established institution. I believe that by further introducing IAKL to the larger communities and thereby enlarging the membership pool of IAKL, IAKL will become a distinguished organization with much respect. In doing so, I find that integrating and attracting active and practicing legal professionals and experts including in-house counsels, young lawyers and scholars to participate in IAKL’s activities such as forums, seminars and other informative sessions is necessary. It may also involve utilizing social media and network for the purpose of publicizing the general information as well as the efforts of IAKL.

In furtherance of the strengthening of IAKL’s existence and expansion, it is undoubtedly important for every member of IAKL to work in concord. As such, I would like to suggest unifying IAKL Overseas and IAKL Korea in as many aspects as possible for the efficiency and effectiveness. The united IAKL will certainly entail the great synergy. I find that the uniting IAKL may be carried out by making minute but important changes such as removing redundant duties of maintaining separate webpages and newsletters for IAKL Overseas and IAKL Korea. I am confident that members of IAKL would agree to the potential significant benefits and advantages of such cooperation and unification of IAKL Overseas and IAKL Korea.

The next initiative which I would like to focus on during my term of the Office is “Building of a sustainable network” among local and international bar associations, NOGs, corporations and other entities which share the same or similar mission and the vision of IAKL. By building such sustainable network, IAKL will be able to build strong relationship with such entities. IAKL alone may not have all the necessary means and resources to achieve far greater goals; yet, with the collective efforts of those other entities of such network, it is unequivocal that we will be able to engage in and accomplish broad and greater goals.

Lastly, I respectfully request IAKL’s proactive involvement in the area of “Equal Protection and Human Rights.” I believe it is as important as other goals and initiatives mentioned above. I hope that IAKL will be able to work with other organizations in the service of human needs and public interest.

I wish you are excited and enthusiastic about the aforesaid initiatives and I would like to thank you in advance for your interest in participation in carrying out those initiatives. The term of this Office may be too short for me to perform and accomplish all the addressed goals and initiatives; however, my implementing as much effort as possible, it is my intent to at least creating a stepping stool for the further development and growth of IAKL in the future.

Also, I would like to extend my special invitation to the 25th Annual IAKL Conference in Seoul which will be held from September 14, 2007 to September 17, 2017 in celebration of the 25th anniversary of IAKL Korea. IAKL Korea is in preparation for the Conference as of this date and please be informed that the Conference will include diverse and valuable events and sessions and your joining of the Conference will be truly appreciated.

Again, please take my appreciation for your support and joining in the efforts of the development and growth of IAKL in the future.

Thank you.

Mihwa Chung
President, the 11th Office
IAKL Korea